CH301H - Principles of Chemistry I: Honors
Fall 2012, Unique 51390

Extra Credit Assignment 2

Purpose: As stated in the syllabus, I encourage you to engage and think about the ways that science in general and chemistry in particular influence and affect your daily life.  That means thinking about science beyond our classroom, or the classroom of other courses you might be taking.  The purpose of this extra credit assignment is to encourage you to discover and think about something new that is happening in the world of science today.

Assignment:  Find and read an article in the popular scientific press describing a recent scientific discovery or story and write a short summary (1 paragraph or so, typed).  Your summary should address three points: 1) what you learned, 2) a question the article raised in your mind, and 3) why you found this interesting.  You may choose a topic in any area of science (not just chemistry), so please pick something of personal interest to you.

Please include a reference to the article and your source.  This assignment is worth 5 points, which you will receive if you follow my instructions above.

Summaries are due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, 16 October 2012.  

There are a number of good sources for scientific news written for the interested but non-expert audience.  My own personal favorites are the science section of the New York Times and the magazine Scientific American.  The journals Science and Nature both have extensive news and perspectives sections in each issue that are meant for non-expert readers, and these are also wonderful sources of scientific news stories.  The UT library subscribes to online versions of all of these sources.