CH302H - Principles of Chemistry II: Honors
Spring 2014, Unique 51880

Lecture Summary, 21 January 2014

Colligative Properties: Colligative properties are properties of a solution that are caused only by making the solution, not by any reaction chemistry, and can be quantified by the amount of solute dissolved up in the solvent.  We discussed:

  1) Vapor pressure lowering: D(P1) = -x2P1* < 0 always
  2) Boiling point elevation: D(Tb) = Kb(molality), > 0 always
  3) Freezing point depression (which we didn't discuss but is analogous to PB elevation:
        D(Tf) = -Kf(molality), < 0 always
  4) Osmotic pressure: PI=(rho)gh = cRT, where c is the concentration of the solution mol/L.

Henry's law problem