CH302H - Principles of Chemistry II: Honors
Spring 2016, Unique 49420

Extra Credit Assignment 4

Background:  This is another Fermi-type problem that has been bothering me for a while.  Hopefully you can help me figure it out. 

A group of engineers at MIT recently created a class of nonstick bottle coatings that cause 100% of the material in the bottle to flow out.  A particularly important application of this new chemistry is in ketchup bottles, which are almost impossible to completely empty because of ketchup sticking to the side of the bottle.  (Google MIT ketchup nonstick if you are interested.)  This may seem like a silly problem, but Americans really like ketchup, and throwing away an only partially empty ketchup bottle is a real waste of food.  How much ketchup is lost in the US every year because it is stuck inside the ketchup bottle?  How many people could be fed with that wasted food? 

Your answer will be due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, 26 April, to receive credit.