CH353 - Physical Chemistry I
Spring 2015, Unique 51170


20 January:  First day of class.  Welcome!

30 April: The location for the final exam has been scheduled for WEL 2.122.

30 April: At the beginning of the semester, I promised you the opportunity to replace your lowest quiz score by answering short questions through Top Hat.  I have been extremely disappointed with how Top Hat has performed in this class, and I apologize for inflicting it on you.  I have decided to change how I will make these points available for you to earn.

On the last day of class, I will post an additional quiz worth 50 points.  This quiz will consist of short Top Hat-style questions (yes/no, </>, true/false, etc.), some of which you may have seen before.  This quiz must be turned in at the beginning of our final exam, Monday, 18 May, 9 am - no exceptions!  My hope is that you use this as a study tool for preparing for our exam.

5 May: Here is the schedule of office hours during dead days and finals period:

Monday, 11 May: 2 pm, WEL 2.304
Tuesday, 12 May: 2 pm, WEL 3.212B
Wednesday, 13 May: 2 pm, WEL 3.134
Thursday, 14 May: 2 pm, WEL 3.212B
Friday, 15 May: 2 pm, WEL 3.212B
Sunday, 17 May: 2 pm, WEL 2.304
FINAL EXAM, Monday 18 May: WEL 2.122