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Webb Group, Spring 2015

Back Row, Left-to-Right: 
Seth Norman, Josh Slocum, Whitney Fies, Jason Dugger, Jeremy First, Andrew Ritchie.     
Front Row, Left-to-Right:
Elisa Novelli, Rebika Shrestha, Cari Anderson, Lauren Webb. 
Not Pictured: Kjell Schroder, Mahnoor Zia, Farhana Haque, Santiago Sanchez

Physical Chemistry of Biological Interfaces

Research in the Webb group seeks to understand and manipulate the mechanisms of interaction, organization, and self-assembly of biological macromolecules that lead to the complex and emergent properties of living systems.  We are interested in these topics for two principal reasons.  First, understanding the organization of biological systems is of vital biomedical importance.  Second, we seek to exploit the weak but long-range interactions involved in noncovalent organization of biological macromolecules at prepared surfaces and interfaces with the ultimate goal of integrating biological and inorganic materials in a controlled and robust manner.

Research in the Webb group is multidisciplinary and employs a variety of physical and analytical techniques.  We study the physical chemistry of electrostatic fields at protein-protein interfaces using vibrational spectroscopy coupled with computational methods; and we prepare and characterize chemically modified surfaces that interact specifically with folded, functional proteins using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, and surface spectroscopic techniques.

Please visit our research page to learn more about specific projects underway in the Webb group.  If you would like to learn more or are interested in joining the group, please contact Dr. Lauren Webb.
Webb Group News:


3/4: Jason's paper is accepted by Langmuir.  Congrats!

2/27: Kjell successfully defends his PhD.  Congratulations!

1/20: Rebika's paper with our collaborators Ron Elber and Alfredo Cardenas in accepted by JPCB.

1/20: Santiago joins the group.  Welcome!


11/17: Kjell's paper is accepted by ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

11/10: Jeremy joins the group.  Welcome!

10/8: Rebika wins a Faraday Fellowship from the Department of Chemistry.  Congrats!

9/8: Whitney Fies joins the group.  Welcome!

9/2: Bartek Blasiak from Minhaeng Cho's group at Korea University joins us for a month as a visiting scholar.  Welcome!

9/1: Lauren is promoted to Associate Professor and awarded tenure.

8/5: David's paper is accepted by PCCP.

6/30: Annette joins the faculty of the chemistry department at College of St. Benedict and St. John's University.  Good luck and keep in touch!

6/2: Kelsey, a NSF REU Fellow, joins the laboratory.  Welcome!

4/18: David
successfully defends his PhD.  Congrats!

4/16: Christina successfully defends her PhD.  Congrats!

2/13: Jason and Ignacio's paper is accepted.  This is our first submission to Plant Physiology!

1/22: Farhana and Mahnoor join the group.  Welcome!

1/21: Andrew's paper is accepted by JPCB


11/12: Cari joins the group.  Welcome!

10/22: Elisa joins the group.  Welcome!

10/21: Ruifei receives a University Undergraduate Research Fellowship.  Congrats!

10/18: Our new STM arrives!

8/26: Andrew's paper is accepted by JPCB.

7/12: Annette and Jason's paper is accepted.

6/11: Amber, a Welch Summer Scholar, joins the group.  Welcome!

6/2: David's paper is accepted by PCCP.

4/19:  Rebika passes candidacy - congrats!

4/10: Christina receives an Outstanding Poster Award at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans.  Congratulations!

4/2: Germain joins the group.  Welcome!

1/20:  Seth and Ruifei join the group.  Welcome!

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