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11/13: Annette's paper is accepted by JACS.

11/12: Andrew passes candidacy - congrats!

8/24:  Kjell's paper is accepted by JPCC.

6/27: Christina and Andrew's Rap paper is accepted by JPCB.

6/11: Huan joins the group.  Welcome!

6/4: Josh and Coriyon join the group.  Welcome!

5/25: Lauren attends the Biointerface Science GRC.

3/5: Lauren attends OpenEye's CUP XIII.

2/21: Our Ras Q61X paper is accepted by Biochemistry.

2/20: Lauren moves into a new office:
WEL 3.212B.

2/15: Lauren is named a 2012 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow.  Many thanks to the Sloan Foundation and congratulations to other recipients.

1/26: Lauren presents at the Western Spectroscopy Association's 59th Annual Conference.

1/23: Annette and Nancy join the lab.  Welcome!

1/18: Ignacio's paper is accepted by Langmuir.


12/1: Rebika joins the lab.  Welcome!

10/1: Nick joins the lab.  Welcome!

9/2:  Lauren's Curcumin paper is accepted.

7/13:  Wenhui's paper is accepted by J. Phys. Chem. Lett.

7/13:  Dan's paper is published in Proteins.  

7/11:  Lauren and Christina attend the Telluride Workshop on Protein Electrostatics.

6/24:  Lauren attends the Iota Sigma Pi Triennial Convention.

6/20: Lauren presents a talk and David presents a poster at the Proteins Gordon Research Conference.

6/6:  NSF REU scholar Navid Rivas joins the group.  Welcome!

5/21:  Ellen and Robert receive their BS and are off to graduate school.  Congratulations, good luck, and keep in touch!

5/11:  Wenhui receives a 2011 Summer Departmental Named Fellowship Award.  Congrats!

5/10:  Lauren receives the Iota Sigma Pi Agnes Fay Morgan Research Award.  Thank you to Iota Sigma Pi!

5/6:  Dan's paper is accepted by Proteins.  

4/28:  Lauren gives her 3rd year seminar.

4/20:  Christina passes candidacy.  Congrats!

4/8:  Robert wins CNS Research Award for Excellence in Biochemical Research.  Congratulations!

4/8:  Wenhui passes candidacy.  Congratulations!

4/5:  Christina wins Paul Barbara Travel Scholarship to the Telluride Protein Electrostatics meeting.  Congratulations!

3/27:  Lauren presents at ACS Anaheim.

3/27:  Amy and Robert present posters at ACS Anaheim.

2/5: Lauren gives a seminar at Notre Dame.


12/1:  Ignacio's paper published in Langmuir.

11/1:  Kjell, Jason, and Andrew join the group.  Welcome!

10/1:  Amy and Dan's paper published in J. Phys. Chem. B.

9/12:  Lauren presents a poster at the Biointerface Science GRC.

8/1:  Lauren presents a poster at the Infrared Spectroscopy GRC.

5/1:  Huong joins the chemistry graduate program at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  Congratulations, good luck, and keep in touch!

3/1: Dan joins the group.  Welcome!

3/1: David pases candidacy.  Congratulations!


11/1: Amy passes candidacy.  Congratulations!