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Dr. Lauren J. Webb
Associate Professor

A.B., Bowdoin College, 2000
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, 2005
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University, 2005 - 2008

Office: WEL 3.212B
Email: lwebb@cm.utexas.edu
Phone: 512-471-9361
Lab: 512-471-7851

Department of Chemistry
The University of Texas at Austin
105 E. 24th Street, STOP A5300
Austin, TX 78712-0165

Graduate Students

Cari Anderson

Plumsteadville, PA
B.S., Iona College, 2013

Office: FNT 3.134
Email: canderson45@utexas.edu

Cari was born in Austin and raised in Lansdale, PA.  She graduated with a BS in Chemistry in 2013 from Iona College in New Rochelle, NY, where she was also a member of the softball team.  She spent two summers as a research intern for Biodel, Inc., where she used IR spectroscopy and HPLC to investigate insulin and glucagon.  In the Webb group, she is investigating electrostatic fields in membrane systems.

Whitney Fies

B.S., University of California - San Diego, 2010

Office: FNT 3.134
Email: wfies@utexas.edu

Whitney received her BS in Chemistry at UCSD.  While in school, she interned at Wildcat Discovery Technologies, Inc., and then stayed at Wildcat for over 3 years after graduating.  At Wildcat, she worked on inorganic synthesis and particle size control, mostly for lithium ion cathode material discovery.  In 2013, she transitioned to another industry role at Verenium (now a part of BASF) working on new formulations for industrial enzymes.  Whitney joined the Webb group in the Fall of 2014 in order to figure out how to attach proteins to inorganic surfaces without loss of protein stability or function.

Jeremy First

B.S., Baylor University, 2014

Office: FNT 3.134
Email: jeremy_first@utexas.edu

Jeremy received his BS in Chemistry in the Spring of 2014 from Baylor University, where he served in the Air Force Reserve and as president of Texas Rho Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon.  In the Webb group, he is interested in studying computational chemistry of biomolecules.

Atlantis Frost

B.S., Northeastern Illinois University, 2015

Office: FNT 3.134
Email: ayfrost@utexas.edu

Atlantis grew up in the Chicago area where she attended Harold Washington College before transferring to Northeastern Illinois University, where she graduated with a BS in Chemistry in 2015.  While at Harold Washington she tutored in chemistry and geology, worked as a lab assistant for undergraduate chemistry, and a teacher's aid.  Atlantis also collaborated in undergraduate research projects at DePaul University, Loyola University, and Northeastern Illinois.  Her research interests are in ultrafast spectroscopy, experimental physical chemistry, and methods development.

Elisa Novelli

Wayne, PA
B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2013

Office: FNT 3.134
Email: elisatnovelli@utexas.edu

Elisa was born in South Philadelphia, and grew up in nearby Wayne, PA.  She graduated from RPI in 2013 with a BS in Chemistry, where she was a member of Alpha Phi.  While at RPI, she worked with Dr. Jim Kempf studying solid-state NMR, and with Dr. Linda McGown on MALDI-TOF MS of oligonucleotides in astrobiology.  She also studied the use of quantum dots as fluorophores for art conservation applications.  Elisa joined the Webb group in the Fall of 2013.

Joshua Slocum

Shreveport, LA
B.S., Louisiana Tech, 2012

Office: FNT 3.134

Josh graduated with a BS in Chemistry in 2012 from Louisiana Tech, where he was also a member of the cross country and track teams.  His undergraduate research consisted of quantum mechanics studies of iron oxide clusters and molecular dynamics studies of the alkane-water interface.  In the Webb group he hopes to develop as an experimental chemist while also refining his computational knowledge.  


Benjamin Chang

Houston, TX
B.S.A., The University of Texas at Austin, expected 2017

Benjamin is a third-year Health Science Scholars and Biochemistry student.  He got into independent research through the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI).  After working in the Anslyn FRI laboratory for a year, he became a FRI mentor, which he continues to do.  He joined the Webb group in order to further his laboratory skills and to work toward a project for this HSS Honors Thesis.  He plans on going to medical school and cooks, plays games, and reads in his free time. 

Desiree Fernandez

Edinburg, TX
B.S., The University of Texas at Austin, expected 2019

Desiree is a first year Chemistry undergrad in UT's College of Natural Sciences.  She is originally from Edinburg in the Rio Grande Valley.  She joined the Webb group initially as part of a summer research opportunity with the Welch Summer Scholars Program in 2015.  Her interest in chemistry stems from a desire to study the interacts that occur in materials at a molecular level, and how that applies to chemical synthesis.  She enjoys knitting and doing intricate beadwork in her spare time; handcrafts and artistic work provide some balance.

Santiago Sanchez

Barquisimeto, Venezuela
B.S., B.S.A, The University of Texas at Austin, expected 2017

Santiago is a second-year Plan II and Biochemistry student.  He was introduced to research through the Freshman Research Initiative.  After completing a summer fellowship and a semester in the Henkelman FRI lab, he joined the Webb group in order to improve his computational skills and learn how to tackle biological problems using basic chemical and physical frameworks.  Eventually, he hopes to become a physician-scientist and help uncover the basic mechanisms keeping the human body ticking or clogging its gears.  In his free time he likes to play his guitar, with his pet rabbit, or chess.

Bella Shah

Santa Clara, CA
B.S.A, The University of Texas at Austin, expected 2017

Bella is a fourth-year chemistry major, and is also receiving the 18-hr element of computing certificate.  After taking several CS classes, Bella wanted to find a project that involved both coding and chemistry, and found the Webb group to be a great match!  Bella is also a resident assistant on campus and in Women in Computer Science.  In her spare time she likes to play the guitar, run, and try new places to eat around Austin.

Lisa Strong

Houston, TX
B.S, The University of Texas at Austin, expected 2018

Lisa is a third-year Biochemistry major.  After working for a year in the Virtual Drug Screening Stream through the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI), she became a peer mentor.  She joined the Webb laboratory to broaden her skill set and expand her knowledge of protein interactions on a molecular level.  In her free time she teaches social dance, reads, and colors.

Rotation Students

Levi Walker (Biochemistry, Fall 2016)

Tyler Stack (Biochemistry, Spring 2011)

Kristin Fathe (Biochemistry, Spring 2010)

Adam Meyer (Biochemistry, Spring 2009)


Michelle Nguyen
(BS, Microbiology, 2010)
The University of Texas Medical School at Houston (MD program)

Huong Tran (BS, Chemistry, 2010)
PhD (Chemistry), The University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2016
Postdoc, DeGrado Laboratory, University of California - San Francisco

Daniel Ensign (Postdoctoral Scholar)
Two Sigma Investments, Houston, TX

Layking Chang (BS, Chemical Engineering)

Juana Rivas (Texas A&M University-Commerce, NSF REU Scholar)

Robert Newberry (BS, Biochemistry, 2011)
PhD (Chemistry), The University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2016
Postdoc, DeGrado Laboratory, University of California - San Francisco

Ellen Hays (BS, Biochemistry, 2011)
The University of Washington (chemistry graduate program)

Wenhui Hu (MS, Chemistry, 2011)

Ignacio Gallardo (Postdoctoral Scholar)
Environmental Scientist, AECOM, Austin, TX

Nicholas Albanesi (BS, Neuroscience)

Coriyon Arrington (East Carolina University, NSF REU Scholar)

Ruifei Wang (BS, Aerospace Engineering)
Baylor College of Medicine (MD Program)

Nancy Gonzalez (BS, Chemistry, 2014)

Germain Martinez (BS, Chemistry)

Kristeen Onyirioha (BS, Chemistry, 2014)
University of Texas at San Antonio Health Science Center (MD Program)

David Walker (PhD, Biochemistry, 2014)
Postdoc, Harshey Laboratory, UT-Austin

Christina Ragain (PhD, Chemistry, 2014)
Department of Chemistry, Southeastern Missouri State University

Annette Raigoza (Postdoctoral Scholar)
Department of Chemistry, College of St. Benedict and St. John's University

Kjell Schroeder (PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, 2015)
Big Delta Systems, Houston, TX

Andrew Ritchie (PhD, Chemistry, 2015)
Epic, Madison, WI

Jason Dugger (PhD, Chemistry, 2015)
Postdoc, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Mahnoor Zia (BS Chemistry, 2015)
Texas A&M University (MD Program)

Seth Norman

Rebika Shrestha (PhD, Chemistry, 2016)
Postdoc, National Institutes of Health

Positions available for graduate, undergraduate, and postdoc researchers.  
Please contact Dr. Webb.